NiteRider Off-Road Lighting System
When my second son was born, the only chance of riding was at night. It seemed crazy as we loaded our bikes and gear after dark, but our group got bigger and bigger as we rode each Wednesday night. Trail and dune riding seemed safer because two way traffic issues were eliminated. Whether you want a lighting system just in case you get stuck out after dark, or you really want to experience the thrill of night riding, NiteRider has a system for you. Without NiteRider, I would not have ridden duing the first few months of my kid's life. Night riding became part of my lifestyle.
Helmet Mounted Systems

The Cannibal HID + LED System

The ultimate helmet system, offering longer burn times from 4-6 hours with more options, such as 40/38/35 watt selection. 3 LED's in the housing are great when you need just enough light around camp, during trail side repairs, or when you stop to talk. The power switch has a digital battery burn time guage. Comes complete with chin mount, 2.5 hour fast charger, NiMH battery and a bright 5 LED goggle mounted tail light for increased safety. Optional: See Skull Splitter below.

Outplay Price $399.99

HeadHunter II HID

The HeadHunter II offers a straight 40 watt beam minus the LED lights of the Cannibal System. The battery provide 4 hours of burn time and includes the 2.5 hour fast charger, NiMH battery and a bright 5 LED goggle mounted tail light for increased safety. Optional: See Skull Splitter below.

Outplay Price $359.99

The DesertRat is an affordable system that has a sealed lead acid battery, a 10 watt halogen bulb, and the same mounting system as the more expensive lights. This a perfect system for pit riding, or mini riders. It is enough to safely get back to camp, but if you want to ride aggressively at night, spend the extra on the HeadHunter II or the Cannibal HID Systems.

Outplay Price $86.99

SkullSplitter HID Kit
The SkullSplitter is not a system by itself. It is a second light head, mount, splitter cord and cable clip so you can turn your Cannibal or HeadHunter II into a dual HID system. The benefit is simplicity and the weight savings by not carrying a second battery. While running dual lights from one battery, burn time is reduced to 2 hours. On longer riders, Outplay chooses to run two independent systems for longer burn time and better reliability since you always have a backup system.

Outplay Price $219.99

Handlebar Mounted Systems
HellFire HID Kit
The HellFire HID System provides 80 watts of bar mounted power. The slim clamps fit all size bars and have an amazing range or motion to get your light directed where you need it. This system works on dirt bikes and ATV that have a battery and electric start. To run this system on kick start models, you will also need the optional HellFire Battery Kit (below).

Outplay Price $339.99


Halogen System

The HellCat Sytems uses the same style mounting as the HellFire but uses 20 watt halogen bulbs in both lamps. This system can be run off the battery or stator of you dirt bike or ATV, or used with the optional Hellfire Battery Kit (below).

Outplay Price $109.99

HellFire Battery Kit The HellFire Battery Kit allows you to use the HellFire or HellCat on dirt bikes and ATV's that do not have proper electrical systems. I used this battery on my CRF450R and strap the battery to the subframe cross brace under the seat and above the air filter. This kit includes the 4.0Ah NiMH battery, 2.5 hour fast charger and all required connectors.

Outplay Price $155.99

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