Outplay Action Sports would like to recognize the following companies or organizations for their contribution to the scene: (click on logo for link)
The San Diego Off Road Magazine covers the local off-road scene from buggies to 4x4's to ATV and motorcycles and includes fun rides, family events, racing and lifestyle. Every off-road enthusiast should subscribe. Also, look for the monthly "Where to Ride" column by Andrew Siminoff of Outplay Action Sports.
KORE is short for: Kroeker Off Road Engineering. Kent Kroeker is an amazing off-road enthusiast and racer. His explorations in Baja required the stout Dodge Ram 2500, but he wanted more from the suspension. Kore Performance was formed. This is not a "lift kit," it is a perfomance kit that allowed Kent to Race the Baja 500 and 1000 in a Ram 2500! After riding in the KORE truck, I bought a Ram 2500 and can't wait to bolt-on a KORE kit.
You know the feeling when you start to endo off a big jump and you pin the throttle to get the front wheel up, and then you pray for a safe landing? That is a "Panic Rev." Panic was formed to help fallen riders. They are doing great things to support the injured in our sport. I have one of their stickers on my truck.
Jim O'Neal is still riding and racing and is involved in all aspects of the sport. He has not sold out his company to some big box. He is still close to the roots of the sport and has backed Outplay Action Sports since day one. We ride O'Neal gear.
COACH2RIDE.COM Bonnie and Andrea teach basic to expert level dirt bike and motocross skills. They are great riders and amazing instructors. If you are getting back into riding or introducing your kids, wife or girlfriend to the sport I strong encourage you to check out Coach2Ride to get the training, confindence and skills.

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